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Website Content Free The Concept

Good web sites direct their viewers to useful content, like articles and pictures, in an effort to quench the consumer's thirst for information while perhaps introducing them to the publisher's product or service. In some instances web browsers hop from page to page within the content of the text or articles within a given website, other times better material exists beyond the host domain. Small publishers, like an individual real estate agent, real estate broker or mortgage originator, lack the resources to produce a large quantity of high quality web content. Unfortunately once they divert someone to external content away from their own web site they may have lost that viewer forever. At Web Site Content Free we designed software, articles, courses, calculators and other web content that aims to offer the best of both worlds. Once a webmaster registers for our free content service they only need to link to the materials they feel would help their customers. Software at Web Site Content Free smartly knows where the viewer came from and displays their sponsor ad with a link back to either their own home page, web site application or any other web page they choose. The consumer retains continuity with aricles, pictures and other content from the original web site and increases the likelihood that they return to the publisher's page where they can partake in the site's goods and services like signing up with a real estate agent to list a house.

Website Content Free Demonstration

Try either the link to the new home buyer course or the credit improvement guide which will show they are sponsored by web site content free. Then you might imagine you own a moat digging company (we at Web Site Content Free have vivid imaginations). Your customers might include first time castle owners who need aid with credit or a home buyer course to help them select the right real estate or a mortgage calculator. You hope visitors hire your company and so you have made the sponsorship link go to the action page. Note the links on the free content pages show the sponsor ad and clicking on the sponsor link from the free content pages links to the order form. Visit the Moat page to proceed through the example for a site other than one you tried where web site content free was the sponsor. You would need to close all browsers and start again to go back to the same page and have it recognize a different sponsor. If you did this you would find that that a standard link from any web page enrolled with web site content free recognizes the source of the web click and displays the appropriate sponsor ad and link for it to follow.

Website Content Free Uses
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    Connect with a friend or relatives site, in fact any site at all who might have users interested in the free content we offer. Register their site with YOUR page as the link destination. Have them put up the links and they have free content while you have advertising.

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    See our rate card for information on showing ads on page views generated by others.

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    Ask about adding your content to our free content library.

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